Automate Your Swag
Let our team of experts take care of your branded product needs so you can focus on your core biz.
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How it Works

Get Acquainted

Talk to a consultant about your brand, target market and budget.

We Select Products

Your consultant selects products for your company’s unique profile.

Swag Received

Receive your personalized shipment of items to help accomplish your goals.



A variety of items ranging from electronics to writing utensils.


Your supporters and team members are walking testimonials.


More than just business cards. Everything from the office personalized.

Exclusive Catalog

Members receive access to our full product catalog with SwagBag club discounts. This means hundreds of thousands of promotional products at member-only prices for those projects where you need a specific item.

More Swag for your Bag

You will be impressed with the value in your monthly shipment. With SwagBag, not only can you easily budget for each month, but you are able to stretch that budget. You’re $1,000 is worth $1,300 in SwagBucks.

Tailored Products

Our team of industry experts analyze your brand and your goals and find the products that are best suited to build your following. We take the time to find that right product so you can focus on your core business. It’s like having an in house ad agency.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants so we can see if SwagBag is the right move for your business.